2016 BMW X5 2.0L (40eX) ATC45L Transfer Case Assembly 27107643758 27107643759 27107854164

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Detail :
NOTICE: Please provide us your VIN code and the picture of original transfer case to confirm the model for you. It's REALLY important!!!

1.A device that distributes the power of the engine, which can output power to the rear axle, or to the front/rear axle at the same time.
2.We maintain complete quality control throughout the manufacturing process.
3.Robust design and high-grade materials meet the stringent demands.
4.Meets or exceeds OE specification for fit, finish and function.
5.Stable performance,high reliability.Professional performance auto parts supplier.

Condition: Remanufactured
Manufacturer Part Number: 27107643758, 27107643759, 27107854164, ATC45L
OE/OEM Part Number 27107854164, 27108643151, 27108643152, ATC45L
Other Part Number 27108643152, ATC45L
Type:Transfer Case Assembly

For BMW X5 17 (ATC45L, 2.0L ( 40eX )
For BMW X6 18 (ATC45L), 3.0L ( turbo )
For BMW X5 17 (ATC45L, 3.0L, gasoline)
For BMW X3 12-17 (AT), (ATC 45L)
For BMW X4 15-18 (AT), (ATC 45L)
For BMW X6 15-17 6 cylinder (3.0L, turbo), (ATC45L)
For BMW X5 14-16 3.0L, gasoline (ATC 45L)
For BMW X5 14-16 3.0L, diesel (ATC 45L)
For BMW X5 16 2.0L (40eX)
For BMW X5 17 (ATC45L, 3.0L, diesel)

Package Include:
1x Transfer Case

Installation and Matching Instructions:
1.Fill one liter of transfer case oil (ZF6 speed oil) before installation
2.Do not test run the vehicle after installation. Match it with the original computer (Daotong 431 can also be used, but the steps are the same and the words are different). The matching steps are as follows: enter after the fast test of the whole vehicle is completed ?ú service function I ?ú drive device ?ú VTG transfer case control ?ú VTG calibration ?ú display and control unit transfer case VTG communication is normal I ?ú execute service function ?ú display that VTG has been recalibrated, The new calibration value is stored in the VTG control unit ?ú Display the calibrated calibration value: e.g. the difference between 12.3?? and the previous calibration: e.g. - 14.2?? ?ú Exit the service function ?ú Test run
Note: If the 4X4 lamp is on during the matching process, the steering angle sensor can be matched in DSC.
3.Professional installation is recommended.

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