7 In 1 PH EC Conductivity TDS Salinity ORP SG Blue Tooth Meter Tester Measures

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Multi-functional water quality tester:
The new auto calibrating BLE-C600 multi-functional water quality tester with blue tooth measures pH, TDS, EC, Salinity, ORP, Specific Gravity and Temperature in solutions. The measurement ranges are wide and the meter will auto range. Perfect for testing pools, drinking water, hydroponics, aquariums, aquaculture, aquaponics, spas and comes with batteries and has a backlit display. The instrument will shut down automatically after 5 minutes without any operation, has automatic temperature compensation (ATC), waterproof grade IP67 so the unit can temporarily be immersed to 1M of water with out damage.

pH Meter with Bluetooth: Professional measurement pH, TDS(ppm), EC(Conductivity), ORP, S.G, Salinity(ppt), and Temp. suitable for household drinking water, hydroponics, lab, aquarium. It can be used as a classic tester even if it is not connected to a smartphone. It can be used as a classic tester even if it is not connected to a smartphone.
Cloud-Based Data Management System: Accurate real-time Bluetooth data transmission and clear measured values make it easy for you to save, manage and share test data without worrying about data loss.
Automatic Calibration pH Tester: With high sensitive glass probe, you can get a full measurement range of 0-14pH, 0.01 pH resolution. Compared with other pH meters, the pH is a 3-point calibration method.
Comprehensive Information Display: Simply immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution to be tested, readings are quickly displayed on a large LCD display. multi-parameter display at the same time, mobile phone APP control backlight display.
Easy to Use: Digital pH meter fully customizable parameter settings. the App can set the upper and lower limits of pH, which can be set according to your needs. when the value you set exceeds the test range, the App interface will display a red value abnormally, notifying you of any values exceeding your preset range.

PH Range: 0.00-14.00
Resolution: 0.01ph
Accuracy: ±0.5ph
Temperature Range: 0.1℃-60℃ 31.2H-140.0H
Resolution: 0.1℃/0.1H
Accuracy: ±0.5℃
EC Range: 0-9999us/cm , 10.01- 19.99mS/cm , 20.1-400.0mS/cm
Resolution: 1uS/cm 0.1mS/CM
Accuracy: ±2% F.S.
TDS Range: 0-9999ppm,10.1- 200.0ppt
Resolution: 1ppm
Accuracy: ±2% F.S.
ORP Range:±999mv
Resolution: 1mv
Salinity Range: 0-10000ppm , 10.1-200.0ppt , 0.01%-25.00%
Resolution: 1ppm 0.1ppt 0.01%
Accuracy: ±2%FS. 0.01-5.00% (±0.1%) 5.1-25.0% (±1%)
S.G Range:1.000 -1.222
Operation Environment: 0.1℃-80℃; RH:Max 90%
Size : 187 * 37* 37mm,95g
Display: LCD digital display
Backlight: APP Control
Temperature: Automatic Temperature Compensation 0-60℃
PH calibration: pH:6.86/4.00/9.18 or 7.00/4.00/10.01
Waterproof: IP67
Batteries: 3 x 1.5V LR44

Kit includes:
1x 7 in 1 Backlight Water Quality Monitor Meter

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7 In 1 PH EC Conductivity TDS Salinity ORP SG Blue Tooth Meter Tester Measures

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