780Pcs Cable Heat Shrink Tubing Sleeve Wire Wrap Tube 2:1 Assortment Kit Tools

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1.Shrinkage & Insulation: heat shrink tubing is made of polyolefin which ensures the heat shrink wrap 2:1 retraction ratio and the electrical isolation.
2. Easy to Use & Shrink: This heat shrink cable sleeve is very easy to use and shrink, just wrap your target wire and shrink it with small hot air blower,small flame blowtorch, cigarette lighter,hot air gun or even hair dryer or soldering iron.
3. widely Application: With the compact design and wear-resistant function, the heat shrink connector can be used in many place.Such as broken wires, electrical insulation, mechanical protection, wire bandwidth, wire connection, wire ends process, wire / cable junctions, daily repairs,etc.
4. Convenient to Storage: Packing with the transparent plastic box which makes the convenient storage of the shrink wrap tubing.Also separated by plastic plates makes it is easy for you to classify the different specifications of the tubes.
5. You Will Get: Yellow,green,blue,black,red total 5 colors 780PCS electrical heat shrink tubes with
12 types of different diameters of 1mm / 1.5mm / 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm / 3.5mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm / 7mm / 10mm / 13mm and 45mm long for each.

Material: PVC Polyolefin
Retraction Ratio: 2:1
Minimum Shrinkage Temp: ≥84°C
Full Shrinkage Temp: ≥120°C
Operating Temperature: -55°C to + 125°C
Tensile strength:10.4Mpa
Dielectric strength: 15KV / mm
Manufacturing Specifications: ISO9001
Flammability: Flame Retardant
Supplied format (round or flat ): Product is supplied flat
Cutting method: Scissors or sharp knife

Package Included:
Black                  1.0*45mm                    200
Yellow                1.5*45mm                    130
Red                    2.0*45mm                   80
Blue                   2.5*45mm                    80
Yellow                3.0*45mm                    60
Black                  3.5*45mm                    50
Red                    4.0*45mm                    40
Yellow                5.0*45mm                    30
Red                    6.0*45mm                    20
Blue                    8.0*45mm                    40
Black                  10.0*45mm                  30
Black                  14.0*45mm                  20

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