Multi-Temperature 12V Heated Hand Grips Pad Handlebar Heater For Motorcycle Generic

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Using the latest composite fiber heating wire, waterproof and flame retardant, more uniform and stable heat, more comfortable to the touch
Built-in intelligent temperature control chip, three-speed adjustable temperature, intelligent temperature control is safer
10 seconds of hot heat, large heating area
The product has increased the standby mode. After switching to the standby state, the electric handle will automatically thermostat to 50 degrees, and automatically shut down after two hours. No longer have to worry about exhausting the battery of the motorcycle because of forgetting the switch.

100% Brand New
Heated grip pads color: Black
Wire length: 120cm
Product material: (heating sheet) composite fiber heating wire + black non-woven fabric, (L bracket) stainless steel
Usage: hold the button for 3 seconds to turn on/off,press once to switch the temperature.
Voltage: 12V
Power: 20W-30W
stallation: Wiring type
Temperature: 40??????60??????br data-mce-fragment="1">Switch: OFF / Green(40?????? / Blue(50?????? / Red(60??????

1.Flexible , the pads fit under your grips without causing any loss of control.
2.Quick warm up time.
3.Adopt 3 position switch, the temperature can be adjusted according to demand.
4.Keep your hands warm in cold weather.
5.Work with all Motorcycle??Electromobile??Hand Trailer etc.

Package Includes:
2X Heat shrinkable sleeve
1X rear view mirror bracket
3X cable tie
1X insulating tape
1X 3M glue

Installation Instruction:
[1] Place the heating film on the handlebar and make an adjustment for a suitable position.
[2] Wrap the heating film on the handlebar with tape tightly. Please pay attention to the wire.
[3] Put on the heat shrink sleeves for a good position, use a hot air gun (you can also use a lighter or a hair dryer) to blow the two creases of the outer sleeve longitudinally symmetrically until the shrinkage is uniform, and then blow other parts evenly until the outer sleeve Each part of the tube shrinks evenly and flat
[4] The switch is installed under the mirror rod of the rear-view mirror
[5] Connect the power cord, the red wire and the black wire are not divided into positive and negative poles, but must be connected to the lower pole output line of the electric door lock (where the key is inserted)

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