62cc Chain Saw 20'' Bar Powered Engine 2 Cycle Gasoline Chainsaw Black for Sale

SKU: H014-A003

Size: 20'' 62cc
Color: Black
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1:This aluminum gasoline chainsaw is ideal for cutting and felling.
2:It adopts the automatic brake system with wide designed front hand guard, which is able to reduce injury during operating.
3:The anti-kickback chain decreases the probability of kickback, which increases safety. In addition, it also can be used under extreme environment with long life due to aluminum solid protection.
4:It is also able to efficiently prevent the dust enter the engine by engine clean air-intake system. It also features with anti-vibration design, which allows you to use it easily.
5:The aluminum solid crankcase enables to withstand the high rotate speed. The electronic ignition with auto choke is easy for you to start it.

62cc Chain Saw 20'' Bar Powered Engine 2 Cycle Gasoline Chainsaw Red

Condition: 100% Brand New
Engine: single cylinder, air cooler, 2-stroke
Bar Length: 20''
Model: 62cc
Power source: Gas
Fuel tank capacity: 680ml
Oil tank capacity: 280ml
Engine displacement: 62CC
Fuel mixture ratio: 25(90#gasoline):1(2-cycle oil)
Chain oil: MOTOR Oil SAE # 10W-30
Engine displacement: 52cm3 60cm3
Engine power: 2.5kw
Rotating speed: 7500r/min
Maximum cutting length: 20''
Sprocket: 7T x 0.325
Saw chain type: K2

62cc Chain Saw 20'' Bar Powered Engine 2 Cycle Gasoline Chainsaw Red

Package Included:
1x Chainsaw set

Long time use is easy to get hot and burn the side board of the chain saw. It is suitable for general garden pruning. Please Do not use for professional logging.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 465 reviews
Jennings Sherry

This chainsaw is very powerful and easy to use. Good quality and affordable price. Fast delivery. Highly recommend for heavy-duty work.

lauren smith

Perfect for home use. Used it for the first time to saw a branch at my sister's house with great ease.

Ben Shenton
So far so good

Saw was fairly easy to assemble despite the poor manual. I ended up with one part that was not identified and couldn't find a place for it. I have only used it a couple times and performed very well. I will know more in a year or two how well it holds up.

Andy Moldowan

I assembled it, included the fuel mixture and chain lubrication, and after approximately six pulls, it initiated and functions smoothly. I proceeded to fell a small tree and trim some fairly substantial branches from another tree. This chainsaw exhibits considerable power and slices through wood more rapidly than my previous chainsaws. Its cutting performance surpasses that of my Poulan chainsaw. I'd suggest this chainsaw, especially considering its cost is notably lower than that of some other saws I've owned.

Tonya Hendersondm
Minor Power Concerns

Power is somewhat lacking for the tougher jobs, but it’s fine for trimming and small cuts.

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