2002-2007 BMW E60 E61 EGR Delete Blanking Blank Kit M47N2 M57N2 engine

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For BMW engine:M47N2、M57N2
1 series E87 118d 5 doors 2003-2007
1 series E87 120d 5 doors 2003-2007
3 series E90/E91 31 2004-2008
3 series E90/E91 3200D/325d/330d/330xd 2004-2008
3 series E92 330d 2005-2008
3 series E92 330xd 2005-2008
3 series E93 330d 2005-2009
5 series E60 520d/525d/530 2002-2007
5 series E60 LCI 520d/530d/530xd 2005-2009
5 series E61 520d/525d/530d/530xd 2002-2007
5 series E61 LCI 520d/530d/530xd 2005-2010
7 series E65 730d 2004-2008
7 series E66 730Ld 2005-2008
X3 E83 2.0d/X3 3.0 2003-2006
X3 E83 LCI 2.0d/X3 3.0 2006-2010
X5 E70 3.0 2006-2010
X6 E71 30dX 2007-2010
(This project is only applicable to diesel vehicles, not gasoline vehicles!!!)

This EGR valve removal kit allows you to completely remove the EGR system from the engine.
The kit includes 5mm thick blind plate and high-temperature gasket for blind plate exhaust manifold,
This eliminates the flexible EGR extension pipe that is prone to cracking.
The turbocharger starts quickly at a lower speed (the lag of the turbocharger is small)
Prevent carbon deposition in the intake manifold and ports
More stable idling acceleration and better fuel economy
Clean engine oil helps to extend engine life.
Reduce smoke output (smoke reduction when pulled out)

Condition: 100% Brand New.
Material: Aluminum alloy,Stainless steel

Package Content:
1 x EGR Blanking Blank Kit

No instructions included, Professional installation is highly recommended

Returns: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 60 days after the receipt of the product
24-Hour Expert Online: Solve your installation and product problems

Customer Reviews

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Alondra C.

I decided to delete the EGR system on my vehicle, and this blanking blank kit did the job perfectly. The installation was quick and hassle-free. Noticed a significant improvement in engine performance and reduced carbon buildup.

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