Fuel Pump Fit for Yamaha HPDI 150-300 HP 68F-13907-00 68F-13907-01 60V-13907-00 Generic

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-Brand new fuel pump,not a remanufactured or refurbished one with wear and tear.
-High quality and high cost performance,good working condition.
-Made up of first-class material in order to strengthen the durability and extend the usage life.
-Engineered to perform just like the original fuel pump in your vehicle or power equipment.
-New Armatures are precision-manufactured and tested for long service life.
-Perfect for replacing your broken one.
-Safe and reliable riding experience.
-Professional installation will be highly recommanded,instruction NOT included.
Fuel Pump Fit for Yamaha HPDI 150-300 HP 68F-13907-00 68F-13907-01 60V-13907-00 Generic
Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Material: Metal & Plastic
Type: Fuel Pump
68F-13915-00-00(Fuel Filter)

Fit for Yamaha HPDI 150-300 HP VZ/LZ/Z engines
Fit for Yamaha LZ150 TXR 2000-2005
Fit for Yamaha LZ150P ETOX 2000-2007
Fit for Yamaha LZ200 TXR 2000-2012
Fit for Yamaha LZ200N ETOX 2000-2007
Fit for Yamaha VZ150 TL/XLR 2000-2013
Fit for Yamaha Z150 TL/XLR 2000-2005
Fit for Yamaha Z150P ETOL/XL 2000-2007
Fit for Yamaha Z150Q, (V-Max) ETOL/XL (VMAX) 2000-2011
Fit for Yamaha Z150Q, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2000-2010
Fit for Yamaha VZ175 TL/XLR 2001-2012
Fit for Yamaha Z175 TL/XLR 2001-2005
Fit for Yamaha Z175G ETOL/XL 2001-2008
Fit for Yamaha Z175H, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2001-2013
Fit for Yamaha VZ200 TL/XLR 2001-2004
Fit for Yamaha Z200 TL/XLR 2000-2012
Fit for Yamaha Z200N ETOL/X 2000-2005
Fit for Yamaha (V)Z200P, (V-Max) TLR2 2001/2007-2009
Fit for Yamaha (V)Z200P, (V-Max) ETOL/XL (VMAX) 2004-2012
Fit for Yamaha (V)Z200P, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2003-2008
Fit for Yamaha Z200P, (V-Max) ETOL 2012-2013
Fit for Yamaha LZ250 TXR 2003-2005
Fit for Yamaha LZ250D ETOX 2003-2007
Fit for Yamaha LZ300 TXR 2004-2006
Fit for Yamaha LZ300A ETOX 2004-2007
Fit for Yamaha VZ200 RL/XLR 2005-2009
Fit for Yamaha Z200 (V)Z200R, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2005-2009
Fit for Yamaha VZ225 HL/XLR 2003-2009
Fit for Yamaha Z225 (V)Z225H, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2003-2009
Fit for Yamaha Z240 Z240A ETOL/XL 2004-2005
Fit for Yamaha Z240 Z240B, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2004-2007
Fit for Yamaha VZ250 FTL/XLR 2003-2009
Fit for Yamaha Z250 TL/XLR 2003-2005
Fit for Yamaha Z250D ETOL/XL 2003-2007
Fit for Yamaha Z250F, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2003-2009
Fit for Yamaha VZ300B TL/XLR 2007-2009
Fit for Yamaha VZ300 TL/XLR 2004-2006
Fit for Yamaha Z300A ETOL/XL 2004-2008
Fit for Yamaha Z300B, (V-Max) ETOL/XL 2004-2009

(Compatibility Chart is for Reference ONLY!!!)
(Please Compare with Your faulty unit and the image we provided to Decide Fitment)

1x Fuel Pump w/Filter

Compatibility only for reference,please check out the size & part numbers fits your bike or not.
This is an aftermarket part,not an original part.

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Returns: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 60 days after the receipt of the product
24-Hour Expert Online: Solve your installation and product problems

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Kirsty Lyall
Wr250r Starter Motor

Arrived very quickly, free shipping, works perfectly and over a third cheaper than anything else I could find (and nothing in NZ anyway). Highly recommended

Calvin Lynn
Cbr F4I starter review

Honestly I'm really happy with it. You guys got it to me pretty fast when my bike starts. So good now. Seems like she's got more power I would recommend. 👌👍

phillip richardson


David Chapman
2013 Yamaha F100 fuel pump

Pins on pump are too big for plug to fit ,original pump has small pins

Rob Burke

Fast hassle free delivery
Good job

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