Side Tank Traction Grip Knee Pads Protector For Honda CBR650F 2014-2021

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Increased vehicle control. More contact between the vehicle and rider/driver.
High quality rubber material stands up to Sun/Wind/Rain stays pliable in the cold.
Specially designed tank side pads to match the XSR700.
It not only prevents scratches on the tank, but also improves the knee grip.
Super strong peel-and-stick clear adhesive, just peel off the white surface(both side).
High strength adhesive holds up longer than the competition.
Can easily be custom cut with a knife or scissors.
Goes perfectly with the bike's contours, and enhances its sporty look with a touch of aggressiveness.
The pads and adhesive are separate. Instruction NOT included.

Steps Recommendations:
-Please use detergent to clean the surface of the target before stick it on.
(Clean the part thoroughly from grease/wax/polish. Use IPA cleaner if possible.)
-Allow 12 hours for the pad to set in. Do not ride straight away.

Condition:Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Material: Rubber with a super strong adhesive
Color: Black

Fit for Honda CBR650F 2014 - 2021

Package includes:
2-Piece Kit

Please check out the product shape fits your bike's contours or not before you purchase.
Please use detergent to clean the surface of the target before stick it on.
The pads and adhesive are separate, please don't purchase if you can NOT accept it.

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