Drive Belt 414617500 for Ski-Doo Safari Cheyenne R 1991 Skandic 377 1984 Generic

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Drive Belt Transmission Belt For Ski-Doo Alpine 500 Formula Plus Safari Stratos 1987

-Designed for superior fit, performance and durability.Designed and manufactured to exacting specifications which meet or exceed OEM belt performance.
-These high-performance belts provide maximum power-transmission and superior clutch/variator torque-multiplier response.
-Without clutch recalibration - Matches belt shift curves and pulley speed ratios with minimal slip under extreme-torque conditions.
-Zero clutch/variator spring or fly-weight adjustment required at installation.Tuned your CVT system to get more performance from your machine.
-Rounded inner cog construction increases belt flexibility and improves clutch pulley intake and out-feed for smoother CVT operation.
-Model specific trapezoidal top-notch designs improve heat-dissipation for cooler belt and primary/secondary clutch operation.
-Professional install will be highly recommend,Installation instruction not included.

Condition:Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Material:Aramid fiber
Type:Drive belt
Replacement Part Number:414617500,414741300,414505900

For Ski-Doo 414617500
For Ski-Doo 414741300
For Ski-Doo 414505900
For Ski-Doo Alpine 500 1987-1988
For Ski-Doo Blizzard 9700 1983-1984
For Ski-Doo Blizzard MX 1984
For Ski-Doo Cheyenne 1991
For Ski-Doo Cheyenne R 1991
For Ski-Doo Escapade 1987-1988
For Ski-Doo Formula Grand Touring 1993
For Ski-Doo Formula MX 1985-1990
For Ski-Doo Formula MX LT 1987-1990
For Ski-Doo Formula MX LT II 1990
For Ski-Doo Formula Mach I 1991-1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Mach I X 1991
For Ski-Doo Formula Mach I XTC 1991-1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Mach I XTC II 1992
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus 1985-1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus 2 1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus E 1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus EFI 1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus LT 1986-1990
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus LT II 1990
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus X 1991-1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus XTC 1992-1993
For Ski-Doo Formula Plus XTC E 1992
For Ski-Doo Formula SP 1986
For Ski-Doo Formula SS 1985
For Ski-Doo Grand Touring 583 1994
For Ski-Doo Grand Touring XTC 1994
For Ski-Doo Nordik 50 1988-1991
For Ski-Doo Nordik 60 1988-1991
For Ski-Doo SS25 1984
For Ski-Doo Safari 377 1984-1988
For Ski-Doo Safari 377E 1984-1988
For Ski-Doo Safari 447 1984-1986
For Ski-Doo Safari 503 1988
For Ski-Doo Safari 503R 1988
For Ski-Doo Safari Cheyenne 1990
For Ski-Doo Safari Cheyenne R 1990
For Ski-Doo Safari Deluxe 1993-1994
For Ski-Doo Safari Escapade 1989
For Ski-Doo Safari Grand Luxe 1984-1986
For Ski-Doo Safari L 1990-1994
For Ski-Doo Safari LE 1990-1993
For Ski-Doo Safari LX 1990-1993
For Ski-Doo Safari LXE 1990-1993
For Ski-Doo Safari Rally 1993 (503cc)
For Ski-Doo Safari Rally E 1994
For Ski-Doo Safari Saga 1989
For Ski-Doo Safari Scout 1989
For Ski-Doo Safari Scout E 1989-1990
For Ski-Doo Safari Voyageur 1989
For Ski-Doo Scout 1991
For Ski-Doo Skandic 377 1984
For Ski-Doo Skandic 503 1987
For Ski-Doo Skandic II 377 1992-1994
For Ski-Doo Skandic II 377R 1992-1994
For Ski-Doo Skandic II 503R 1993-1994
For Ski-Doo Skandic II 503R SLT 1993-1994
For Ski-Doo Skandic WT 1996
For Ski-Doo Ski Hill Special 1995
For Ski-Doo Stratos 1987

For Moto-SkiMirage III 1985
For Moto-SkiSonic MS LC 1984

1x Drive Belt

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Kirk MacDougall
Belts are junk !!!

I Installed this belt on my sons sled it only lasted 2 km !!! Put a factory Yamaha belt on it went 120 miles that day so nothing wrong with clutches on machine !!! They do NOT warranty belts so don’t waste your money on these belts and not to mention time !!!! I was offered a 10 % discount why would I buy another belt from them ???

Polaris Ranger 570 drivebelt

Very pleased with prompt service and delivery. Old belt was worn on sides creating jerky operation. Cleaned the clutch units and fitted the new belt. New belt seems to be much heavier duty. Transformed how the Ranger had been running, now good to go. Thank you for your service.

Craig Pearson

Awesome hassle free service. Would recommend.

Greg Antonenko
Let you know when I try it

Let you know when. It

robert sweeney

Prompt delivery

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