Gas Fuel Petrol Valve Petcock 44300-45011 For Suzuki GS300 GS450 GS550 GS650 Generic

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Gas Fuel Petrol Valve Petcock 44300-45011 For Suzuki GS300 GS450 GS550 GS650: Default Title
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Fuel Valve Petcock

1:Direct replacement stock petcock Assy.
2:High quality and very durable.
3:Aftermarket parts, for modify use.
4:Easy to install.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: High Quality Aluminum Alloy
Type:Fuel Valve Petcock
Manufacturer Part Number:44300-45011

For Suzuki GS750 1977-1979
For Suzuki GS750E 1978-1979
For Suzuki GS850G 1979-1981
For Suzuki GS1000G 1980-1981
For Suzuki GS300 LZ/LD 1982-1983
For Suzuki GS300 LF 1985
For Suzuki GS450 GAZ/ GAD Automatic 1982-1985
For Suzuki GS450 LD 1983
For Suzuki GS450 LF/LG/LH/LJ 1985-1988
For Suzuki GS450 TX 1981
For Suzuki GS450 TXD 1983
For Suzuki GS550 LX/LZ 1981-1982
For Suzuki GS550 MZ KATANA 1982
For Suzuki GS550 TX 1981
For Suzuki GR650 D/XD TEMPTER 1983
For Suzuki GS650 EZ 1982
For Suzuki GS650 GLX/GLZ/GLD 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS650 GZ/GD 1982-1983
For Suzuki GS650 MD KATANA 1983
For Suzuki GS700 EF/ESF Not For California 1985
For Suzuki GS750 LX 1981
For Suzuki GS750 SD KATANA 1983
For Suzuki GS850 GZ/GD 1982-1983
For Suzuki GS850 GLX/GLZ/GLD 1981-1983
For Suzuki GS1000 GLX 1981
For Suzuki GS1000 SZ KATANA 1982
For Suzuki GS1100 GZ/GLZ/GKS 1982-1984
For Suzuki GS1100 SD KATANA 1983

1.Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2.Please confirm whether suitable for you bike before buying.

Package Included:
1 piece Fuel Valve Petcock

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