Racing Ignition Coil CDI Box For Honda Foreman 400 450 TRX400 450 FourTrax 4x4 Generic

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CDI Box Replacement Part Number: 38710-HM7-004
Connector: 6 Pin male plug.
AC Fired
Boost 5-10 MPH speed
Eliminates Rev-Limt
Reset ignition advance curve for better acceleration

The orange CDI is a ignition module that has no rev limit & also has a single stage advanced timing circuit, this means that you can get a faster response to RPM acceleration and a higher RPM limit at top end if you use the orange CDI.

High Performance Racing Ignition Coil 2 Wire Single Bolt Comes With A Free 120 Degree Spark Plug Boot( Exchangeable with all degree Spark Plug Cap or OEM Spark Plug Cap)
This is a great replacement for a stock coil or a good upgrade when installing other performance parts.

This coil can improve combustion efficiency, strengthen electrical performance. Boost your ignition spark intensity considerably. Eliminate spark plug fouling, decrease hard starting, increase acceleration, increase fuel mileage and decrease hesitation 5-10% boost in acceleration and top speed

Ignition Coil Color : Orange
Wire Length : 16"
Total Length With 120 Degree Spark Plug Boot : 19"

Racing Ignition Coil CDI Box For Honda Foreman 400 450 TRX400 450 FourTrax 4x4 Generic

Honda Foreman 400 450 TRX400 450 FourTrax Foreman 400 4x4 and please see compatible table

If Spark Plug Cap is defected or you needed a different degree Spark Plug Cap. Just twist it off and reuse your old Spark Plug Cap or any others!

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