Oil Seal For Kubota Tractor TC230-13040 L3600DT L3710DT L3830DT L3940DT L2900

SKU: I057-A001

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1: Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use.
2: High Performance,Long Working Life.
3: Easy installation and removal.
4: Professional install will be highly recommend,Installation instruction not included.
5: Designed and manufactured to exacting specifications which meet or exceed OEM Oil Seal performance.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Oil Seal
Colour: Black
Quantity: 1pc
Replacement Part Number: TC230-13040

Fits For Kubota Tractor L2900DT L2900DTGST L3010DT L3010GST L3010HST L3130DT L3130GST
L3130HST L3240DT L3240DT3 L3240GST L3240GST3 L3240HST L3240HST3 L3240HSTC L3240HSTC3
L3300DT L3300DTGST L3410DT L3410GST L3410HST L3430DT L3430GST L3430HST L3430HSTC L35
Indust/Const L3540GST L3540GST3 L3540HST L3540HST3 L3540HSTC L3540HSTC3 L3600DT L3600DTC
L3600DTGST L3600DTGSTC L3710DT L3710DTHSTC L3830DT L3830GST L3830HST L39 Indust/Const
L3940DT L3940DT3 L3940GST L3940GST3 L3940HST L3940HST3 L3940HSTC L3940HSTC3 L4200DT L4200DTC
L4200DTGST L4200DTGSTC L4240DT L4240DT3 L4240GST L4240GST3 L4240HST L4240HST3 L4240HSTC
L4240HSTC3 L4300DT L4310DT L4310DTGSTC L4310DTHSTC L4330DT L4330GST L4330HST L4330HSTC
L4400DT L4400H L45 Indust/Const L4610DTGST L4610DTHST L4610DTHSTC L4630DT L4630GST L4630GSTC
L4630HST L4740GST L4740HST L4740HST3 L4740HSTC L4740HSTC3 L4760GST L4760HST L4760HSTC L5030GST
L5030HST L5030HSTC L5040GST L5040GST3 L5060GST L5240HST L5240HST3 L5240HSTC L5240HSTC3
L5460HST L5460HSTC L5740HST L5740HST3 L5740HSTC L5740HSTC3 L6060HST L6060HSTC M4700DT
M4800SUDF M4900DT M4900DTC M4900SUDT M4N-071HD12 M4N-071HDRC12 M5400DT M5400DTN
M5640SUD M5640SUD1 M5700DT M5700DTC M5700DTN M5700HD M5700HDC M5N-091HD12 M5N-091HD24
M5N-091HDRC12 M5N-091HDRC24 M5N-111HD12 M5N-111HD24 M5N-111HDRC12 M5N-111HDRC24
M8200DTN M8200SDTN M8200SDTNC M96SHDM MX4700DT MX4700H MX4800DT MX4800H MX5000DT
MX5100DT MX5100H MX5200DT MX5200H MX5800H

1.Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2.Please be awared of this part is not original part, is aftermarket part.
3.Before you purchase,Please confirm whether suitable for you need.

Package Included:
1 X Oil Seal

Returns: Customers have the right to apply for a return within 60 days after the receipt of the product
24-Hour Expert Online: Solve your installation and product problems

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