Tactical Throat Mic Headset Fit for Baofeng UV-9R Plus BF-9700 BF-A58 UV-82WP

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Product description:
Brand New and High Quality.
1. Type: Throat Microphone
2. Laryngeal conduction, to avoid high-speed driving in the air noise
3. Fingers PTT wound fingers, finger movement can transmit signals
4. Transparent air duct to facilitate concealment, air duct transmission signal can reduce the noise
5. The coil can be resized
6. Using vocal tract vibration transmission signal,
7. Efficient elimination of background noise,
8. So that radio calls become more clear
9. Finger PTT control key
10. Transparent vacuum catheter earplugs, radiation, anti-fatigue
11. Voice-activated function to be supported by radio
12. Transparent air ducts use the air to spread the sound is very original, clear.
13. Finger PTT wraps around your fingers to launch so you can drive at the same time and use flexibly.
14. Larynx vibration sound, the surrounding noise, including the wind will not be heard, in a very noisy harsh environments.

Tactical Throat Mic Headset Fit for Baofeng UV-9R Plus BF-9700 BF-A58 UV-82WP

Suitable for Walkie Talkie:
Fit for Baofeng UV-9R Plus BF-9700 BF-A58 GT-3WP R760 UV-82WP and the same interface walkie talkie

The package contains:
1 x Acoustic Tube Throat Vibration Mic Headset

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